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Wow! The Home Wrecker is big! I have always wanted to try Hillbilly Hot Dogs, but I never worked up the nerve. I might try it one day after reading your article.

I remember when there was just one school bus:)

I love Blenko glass, also. It is nice to see that it is still there.

Oh my goodness; that seems like so long ago! But, that was so much fun! I'm glad you took lots of pictures. I will always remember our three-generations of Morrison/Franklin weekend together.

Also, the sight of that huge hotdog made me gag a little.

So excited to see you tomorrow!!!!! I even swept the living room. haha. xo

Great post Sue! I have a few pieces of Blenko. My newest aquisition is a piece that they did for the hospital's 100th anniversary. It is a cobalt blue water pitcher. They made 200 of them. I thought I was the only person who took pictures of piles of broken glass! LOL Roger & I went to Marble King in Paden City, WV and they too have piles sorted in the different colors and I thought it was so pretty. As for Hillbilly Hotdogs, I've never had the nerve to stop and try one! LOL Although, Ohio has one now too. It is in Chesapeake, I think. It used to be Stewart's and they went out of business and I saw where the Hillbilly's had moved in. Not quite as 'ornamental' as the one on Route 2, yet. : ) Susie

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